Industry Licensing

Brewery - Winery - Distillery - Wholesale

Pre-licensing Checklist
  1. Decide who the owners & founders will be.

  2. What % of ownership will each person have & what is the "buy in".

  3. Entity Formation - Corporation, Limited liability Company (LLC) etc.

  4. Who will be an Officer or Member of the entity. Remember: officers, members must disclose ownership and persons who have 10% or more ownership/stock MUST disclose their ownership to the regulatory bodies.

  5. Owners or investors have Criminal history? Felony conviction? DUI/DWI? Figure this out before paperwork is signed as it can hold up the issuance of a license.

  6. FEIN & all corporate documents must be in order. Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Organizational Chart, By-Laws, Stock Certificates Issued?

  7. Obtain a bank account under corporate entity.

  8. Obtaining a loan? Confirm closing date

  9. Location, location, location, do you have a location for your business?

  10. Do local zoning laws allow for your business?

  11. Buy or Rent location?

  12. Figure out who your key employees are, Operations, Payroll, ect.

  13. All Documents: Lease, Zoning Permits, Health Dept., Agriculture Dept. Occupancy Permit, Sales Tax Certificate, Meals Tax Certificate, Must be in the Corporate Entity Name. Not personal name or other entity name.

  14. Serving Food? Up to location Health Code Requirements?

  15. Prepared for an objection to your License by a citizen, community group or the regulatory body? This could set you back months from opening and thousands of dollars.

  16. Who will handle your social media presence, website, logo, branding, labels?

Whats Next?

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau ( TTB) Permit/License/Registration

Local Zoning Administration

State Alcohol(ABC) Licensing

FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Permit

County or Local Alcohol Licensing

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