Our Complete Licensing, Compliance and Training Package

For a single cost, NOT an hourly rate, we will provide your alcohol industry business all of the following:

TTB & State licensing  |  Compliance  |  Consulting  |  Training

  1. State & Federal TTB Application completion, review and remittance 

  2. U.S. FDA Food Facility Registration

  3. Local zoning code, health/agriculture department assistance 

  4. Monthly state excise tax reporting assistance

  5. Quarterly or Semi monthly TTB Excise tax assistance

  6. TTB Brewers Report of Operations/ Wine Premise Operations/ DSP Storage, Operating and Process Reports.

  7. Monthly Inventories

  8. Wholesale-Manufacturer distribution contract review

  9. Bond coverage review 

  10. We will provide you a 40+ page State and TTB compliance guide

  11. State Label approvals for EVERY alcoholic product you sell, even if only in your tasting room. 

  12. Federal COLAs-Label review and submissions

  13. Certified Employee Training

  14. On-going compliance and consulting for the length of our agreement

  15. Manufacturers one/multi day permit/banquet assistance

  16. Record keeping review, 3 years of records on hand

  17. Audit Assistance, we conduct compliance surveys of business operations periodically to confirm compliance 

  18. Proper setup of your tasting room POS system to be compliant

  19. Training you and your employees to understand the difference between your bonded and unboned areas 

  20. Train you and your staff how to pass state and federal inspections

  21. Should you use ABV or Alc/Vol on your labels? Don't know? That is why you have us

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