TTB COLAs, Formulas & Label Approvals

Certificate of Label Approval - Exemptions

Contact us if you would like an expert to review your labels for TTB COLA Approval,

State product approval and TTB Formula approval or if you would like us to review and submit the COLAs on your behalf. Let us be your compliance partner.

Malt Beverage
Wine - Cider
Distilled Spirits

Our COLAs-Label-Formula Approval Process


  1. We provide expert review of your label/formula for TTB compliance.

  2. Convert label image to allowable size and format.

  3. Provide feed back if we find a deficiency.


  1. We fill out and complete TTB COLAs Online/ Formulas Online eApplication.

  2. Provide any necessary documentation to TTB.

  3. We submit so you don't have to.


  1. We monitor your COLAs & Formulas online account.

  2. You are informed when the COLA/ Formula is approved.

  3. If corrections are needed, we advise and re-submit at no additional cost.

Malt Beverage Label
Wine Label
Distilled Spirits Label

Message us for more information about, rates, bulk pricing and any other questions you may have.

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We(The Company) Do not make guarantees that your COLA will be approved by TTB. If your COLA requires pre approval or formula, the client must provide us those prior to COLA submission.

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