When paying your taxes to TTB, you should include sufficient information to identify your business and the nature and purpose of the payment. The following information will help you when filing your taxes with TTB:

  • Federal Excise Tax Return (TTB Form 5000.24sm)
    Download TTB F 5000.24sm.
    You may file your excise tax return electronically using (recommended) or send TTB F 5000.24sm (smart form version) by mail.

  • Where to File Tax Returns:
    Mail returns to the addresses listed in the instructions on the forms.

  • Eligibility for Annual Filing of Excise Tax Returns
    As a winery you may pay taxes annually if you meet certain eligibility requirements .  To be eligible to pay taxes annually, you:

    • Must not be liable for more than $1,000 in taxes with respect to wine imposed by 26 U.S.C. 5041 and 7652 in the preceding calendar year; and

    • Must reasonably expect to be liable for not more than $1,000 in such taxes during the current calendar year.


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