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  • Excise Tax Assistance

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  • Record Keeping

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A Few of the Industry Services We Provide
1. TTB Wine Basic Permits/ Brewers Notice/ DSP/ Registration -  Application Completion
2. COLA (Certificates of Label Approval) Assistance
Every beer, wine and liquor bottle or can must obtain Federal TTB approval for their labels before that they be sold across state lines. This includes keg collars, caps and wraps. Your State and Local alcohol regulatory agency will also require approval.
3. Federal TTB F 5000.24, Excise Tax Return Assistance
Including state and local assistance. We provide you and your staff the guidance and tools to confidently remit your taxes.
4. Mandatory Quarterly Filing of Operations Report Assistance
You must report quarterly using either the Quarterly Brewer's Report of Operations (formerly the Brewpub Report of Operations), TTB Form 5130.26 or the Brewer's Report of Operations (TTB F 5130.9). Download TTB F 5130.26 [PDF] if needed. See instructions to the form at
5. Questions? regarding Federal, State or Local alcohol statutes, regulations, code and guidelines? Let us get you the answers as your time is valuable.
6. Need to find an industry partner to help bottle or can your product? Assistance finding an insurance company that offers Brewers or Distilled Spirits Bonds? What about a bottle or cork supplier and label designer and printer? We provide all the connections and assistance you need to start your business and keep it successful.
7. Have a more specific project in mind? Call us for a Free Consultation . We will give you a cost estimate and can work within almost any reasonable budget. We leave it up to you.

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